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About Me

My Background

Eugenio Jaramillo, lovingly known as Geno, is Colombian born, Miami raised and educated. He is a Doral, Florida resident for the past 19 years.

Geno holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and procured his MBA from the University of Miami. He owned and operated Geno’s Art Gallery & Studio in Doral for 16 months. He reinvented himself, after opting for early retirement in December 2014, as a Gallerist, Artist, Public Speaker, Adjunct Professor, Construction Consultant and Investor. 

Geno spent 25 years as a Construction Projects’ Executive, 17.5 of those at Miami International Airport where the fodder for his found object art was procured. Geno saves telephony and computer wire from going into dumpsters. It is ubiquitous in his art. He also rescues “man-made” metal items, such as, conduit, rebar, zipper tabs, washers, bolts, etc. from going to the landfill. He transforms these Found Objects into Trees, Flowers, Animals, People and Faces.   The construction business is very stressful due to tight deadlines and budgets. This stress manifested itself into a severe case of bursitis in his shoulders. After receiving relief in his left shoulder via conventional western medicine, he sought the same for his right shoulder but was denied the last step of a cortisone and xylocaine injection. He sought out acupuncture. It, along with yoga alleviated his pain and has been free of it for the past 15 years. Yoga led him to Art. Yoga allowed his artistic side to open.  

Heart made of telephony wire mounted in a shadow-box.

My Medium

Geno uses many mediums except paint. His works can be found on canvas, shadow-boxes, tile, and object that he finds.  Telephony wire is ubiquitous in his work as well as man-made metallic objects.

Heart made from the fallen flowers of a Ceiba tree.

My Inspiration

I love to travel and observe nature.  The beach and the mountains are my favorite.  I'm a lover of people and people watching.

Geno Jaramillo

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